// Server Config Template by Django, Mohican & Groentjuh of Newerth.com. 
// Suggestions to: iamdjango@hotmail.com; ant_the_mohican@hotmail.com

// Format of template:
// set <setting name> //<what this setting does>
// User cvarlist <search term> to find more settings (know as cvars).

// The newest server cvars added by the Auto Updater after the release of the server are present in XR_admin.template
// We advise you perform a diff on that file and this file to see what has changed.
// Also see XR_admin.template for defaults values.


set sv_motd1 "Welcome to ^900Tige^999r ^559J^558P^557N ^999Server!"
set sv_motd2 ""
set sv_motd3 "[More Informaition]"
set sv_motd4 "atosryac.kurinet.org\/~one\/dokuwiki\/"
set sv_motd5 ""
set sv_motd6 ""

// PASSWORDS: (Edit XR_refs.cfg to allow per user ref access)
set svr_password "" //Server password (If using VIP slots set svr_PasswordNoVIP = svr_password as well)
set svr_adminpassword "MISERARENAIYO!" //Admin password
set sv_allowGuestReferee 0 //Allow guest ref
set sv_refereePassword "MISERARENAIYO!" //Normal ref password
set sv_refGodPassword "MISERARENAIYO!" //God ref password

set svr_nonVIPSlots 30 //VIP slots = svr_maxclients - svr_nonVIPSlots 
set svr_PasswordVIP "MISERARENAIYO!" //Password to use a VIP slot
set svr_PasswordNoVIP "" //Password to use a none VIP slot

set svr_name "^900Tige^999r ^559J^558P^557N ^999Server" //Server name
set svr_rules "No rules, free for all!" //Server rules
set sv_serverNotes "\\(^o^)\/" //Text that appears when using the Game Info button
set svr_mapurl "http:\/\/www.newerth.com\/maps\/sav1" //Map server for clients to download custom maps
set svr_maxclients 32 //Slot count
set svr_oldClientSlots 32 //Max number of old 2.0e clients (Max=64, causes crash when > 64)
set svr_gamefps 20 //FPS of server frames, higher values increase cpu usage (but improve melee/weapon accuracy)
set svr_realfps 20 //FPS of network updates to clients, higher values increase network usage (but improve melee/weapon accuracy)
set sv_balancedTeams 1 //Enforce blanaced teams
set sv_balanceLenience 1 //Max difference between num of players in each team (see above)
set sv_minPlayers 2 //Minimum number of players needed before a game can start
set sv_autojoin 1 //Automatically add new players to a team when they connect
set svr_allowRemoteSvcmds 1 //Allow server to be remotely controled via clients using /svcmd command
set sv_allowSlapping 1 //Allow commanders to slap units with the /slap command
set sv_noCommanderBuffs 1 //Aprrove: -1 = On per unit basis, 0 = No units, 1 = All units, 2 = Officers only
set sv_maxTeamZeroDamage 1000 //Max damage (per strike) on grimms gate and other neutral props
set sv_enableTypekills 1 //Enable/Disable "type kill" system (detecting when a player typing a message has been killed)
set sv_allowAllSpawnPositions 1 //Set to 0 to turn on anti-exploit gar code (bugged, on some maps can't spawn from flags)
set sv_respawnNPCInterval 40000 //Time interval before npcs respawn
set sv_forceSEP 0 //Allow only clients with at least SEP/SFE to join a team 
set sv_forceXR 0 //Allow only clients with latest XR to join a team
set sv_NonSEPSpamFrequency 40000 //Time interval between sending "get XR" reminders

set svr_port 11235 //Server port number
set svr_broadcast 1 //Broadcast server to serverlist
set sv_sendStatsSEP 1 //Allow server to upload player stats
set sv_maxPing 0 //0 = never kick high-pingers, 0-1000 = kick players with a ping higher than this value (after issuing a warning)
set sv_maxPingWarning 10000 //Time (msec) after which high-pingers receive a warning
set sv_maxPingTimeout 25000 //Time (msec) after which high-pingers are kicked
set sv_reorder_physics 1 //Reorder input-based physics in packets received from clients
set sv_uselagcompensation 1 //Use lag comp for ranged weapons
set lc_baseping 110 //Min ping needed for lag compensation to kick in
set lc_maxcompensation 125 //Max time lag compensation (msec) 
set sv_cullPlayerObjects 0 //Players outside a client's FOV are culled by the server (warning: turning this ON affects minimap sensors!)

set sv_writefullness 1 //Writes a file describing how full the server is
set sv_writeScores 1 //Write end game scores to a text file if set to 1

set sv_chatFloodCount 7 //Flood protection count before auto mute
set sv_chatCommFloodCount 15 //Flood protection count before auto mute (for commander)
set sv_chatFloodInterval 5 //Interval (in sec) between flood protection checks
set sv_chatFloodPenaltyTime 10 //Penalty mute time (in sec) against chat flooder

set sv_readyPercent 0.50 //Minimum number of players needed to be ready before start a game in warmup mode
set sv_allowWarmupAllSpawnLocs 1 //Allow all spawn locations in warmup mode
set sv_allowWarmupInfiniteGold 1 //Infinite gold in warmup mode
set sv_allowWarmupAllTechs 1 //Allow all techs in warmup mode
set sv_allowWarmupElect 1 //Allow commander votes in warmup mode (also see sv_electcommanders)

set	svr_voipAllowAnyone 1 //Allow any player to use VOIP Chat
set	svr_voipAllowOfficer 1 //Allow officers to use VOIP Chat
set	svr_voipAllowCommander 1 //Allow commanders to use VOIP Chat
set	svr_voipTargetGlobal 1 //Enable VOIP Chat sending option: all
set	svr_voipTargetTeam 1 //Enable VOIP Chat sending option: team
set	svr_voipTargetSquad 1 //Enable VOIP Chat sending option: squad
set	svr_voipStreamTime 4000 //Max. time (in msec) of a transmission (prevents spamming)
set	svr_voipStreamWait 1000 //Delay (in msec) between transmissions (prevents spamming)

set sv_disableVoting 0 //Disable the voting system
set sv_voteduration 20000 //Time limit for votes (msec)
set sv_voteprechecktime 10000 ////This means that something like after 10 seconds 85% of the people voted 'yes' and the vote is considered passed now, even if it might have failed if everyone left voted 'no' in the remaining time)
set sv_minVotePercent 0.33 //Minimum of clients that must vote
set sv_allowConcedeVotes 1 //Allow Concede votes
set sv_allowDrawVotes 1 //Allow Draw votes
set sv_allowElectVotes 1 //Allow Elect votes
set sv_allowImpeachVotes 1 //Allow Impeach votes
set sv_allowKickVotes 1 //Allow Kick votes
set sv_allowMapVotes 1 //Allow World votes
set sv_allowModVotes 1 //Allow Mod votes
set sv_allowMsgVotes 1 //Allow Message votes
set sv_allowMuteVotes 1 //Allow Mute votes
set sv_allowNextMapVotes 3 //Allow Next Map votes
set sv_allowPauseVotes 0 //Allow Pause votes
set sv_allowUnPauseVotes 0 //Allow UnPause votes
set sv_allowRaceVotes 0 //Allow Race votes
set sv_allowRefVotes 1 //Allow Ref votes
set sv_allowRestartVotes 1 //Allow Restart votes
set sv_allowShuffleVotes 1 //Allow Shuffle votes
set sv_allowTimeVotes 1 //Allow Time votes
set sv_electcommanders 4 //Forces commanders to be elected over X player limit

set sv_allowBuildRequests 0 //Allow build requests
set sv_allowMoneyRequests 2 //Allow money requests (0:disabled, 1:enabled, 2:max request $250)
set sv_allowPromoteRequests 0 //Allow promote requests
set sv_allowPowerupRequests -1 //Allow powerup requests (0:disabled, 1:enabled, -1:see below)
set sv_forceBuffFullPool 1 //If sv_allowPowerupRequests = -1 & sv_forceBuffFullPool = 1, powerups accepted only when pool is full

set sv_team1race human //Team 1 Race
set sv_team2race beast //Team 2 Race
set sv_team3race human //Team 3 Race
set sv_team4race beast //Team 4 Race

set sv_enablesquads 1 //Enable Squad Mode on server
set sv_autoSquadClients 1 //Allow server to automatically assign new players to Squads
set sv_autoSquadMinimum 4 //Target number of player in each squad (only used when server is auto-squadding, see above)

set g_officersMode 1 //Set officers mode (0 = team mode, 1 = squad mode)
set g_maxofficers 8 //Max officers allowed per team (MAX=16) (used when g_officersMode = 0)
set g_clientsperofficer 4 //How many officers there can be to X clients on a team (used when g_officersMode = 0)
set sv_officerCommandRadius 600 //Radius around Officers where other players receive orders (used when g_officersMode = 0)
set g_squadminperofficer 3 //Minimum players in a squad before it can get an Officer (used when g_officersMode = 1 and sv_enablesquads = 1)

set sv_teamSwitchDelay 30000 //Delay before a player can change team
set sv_teamSwitchConnectFreedom 30000 //Max. Time after connection when player can freely change team
set sv_respawntime 30000 //Respawn time in ms
set sv_ressurectTime 7000 //Time (msec) it takes to ressurect a friendly unit
set sv_invincibleTime 1800 //Time (msec) units are invincible after spawning (if they died just before spawning)
set sv_invincibleTime_respawn 0.4 //Factor applied to sv_invincibleTime when a unit is respawning (ie: they have not died just before spawning)
set sv_skillfullKillDist 700 //Minimum distance for a "skillfull" kill
set sv_blockArcMult 1.0 //Block arc extent multiplier

set sv_allowWorkAnims 1 //Allow new build/mine anims system
set sv_mineDepletion 1 //Allow mines to deplete
set sv_startingTeamStone 1500 //Team stone at game start
set sv_startingTeamGold 1500 //Team gold at game start
set sv_clientConnectMoney 2000 //The money a client gets when connecting to the server mid game
set sv_maxMoney 15000 //The max money a player can have
set sv_enableTithe 1 //Enable the commander to change the tax level
set sv_giveOverflowToTeam 0 //If client gold at maximum, allow entirety of the overflow to be given to team (not just tithe)
set sv_ignoreMoney 0 //Allow players to buy stuff for free

set sv_goodieBags 1 //0 = give money directly to players, 1 = allow goodies
set sv_goodiesForAll 1 //0 = only player can pick up his goodies, 1 = also player's team, 2 = anyone (both teams!)
set sv_goodieDuration 14400 //Time (msec) after which goodies disappear
set sv_goodieMeOnlyTime 2000 //The time a player get to exclusively collect goodies
set sv_goodieMaxMoney 3000 //Max value of a goodie bag
set sv_goodieBigMoneyChance 30 //Chance to get jackpot (ie: 1 in 30 chance)
set sv_goodieAmmoChance 5 //Chance to get ammo (ie: 1 in 5 chance)

set sv_placebuildingtestscale 0.3 //Building touch test scale (how close you can build to other buildings)
set sv_claimableBuildings 1 //Allow claimable buildings (like spawn flags)
set sv_minClaimInterval 5000 //Minimum time interval between claiming a spawn flag
set sv_repairCost 1 //Allow buildings repair cost (only applies to workers)
set sv_repairMult 0.5 //Buildings repair cost factor (only applies to workers)
set sv_buildingDmgScale 1.0 //Buildings damage rate factor
set sv_overtime_decay 0 //Decay building HP when game time is up if set to 1
//set sv_overtime_decayScale 0.3 //Rate of decay
//set sv_overtime_minBldHP 500 //Minimum building HP
//set sv_overtime_upkeep 500 //Cost in gold to maintain a buildings HP

set sv_zeroRelocVelocity 1 //Prevent relocator exploits
set sv_landminedistance 36 //Minimum distance between landmines
set sv_projRestVelocity 35 //Threshhold velocity under which a bouncing projectile comes to rest (ex: mortar)
set sv_projRestSlope 0.55 //Threshhold slope over which a bouncing projectile comes to rest (ex: mortar)
set sv_allowItemDropAction 0 //Allow Ex2 style weapon/item dropping with use/enter key
set sv_allowItemDropDeath 0 //Allow Ex2 style weapon/item dropping on player death
set sv_allowItemPickEnemy 0 //Allow enemies to pickup team's items
set sv_itemDropDuration 14400 //Expiry time of dropped items (in msec)
set sv_itemPickDistance 25 //Distance at which items can be picked up

// XP:  
set sv_xp_mult 1.0 //Overall XP multiplier (applies to all rewards)
set sv_xp_connect 0.0 //XP awarded to new players joining a game (percent of average of other players' XP)
set sv_xp_max_gain 0.3 //Max Percent of XP to next level that can be gained in one reward
set sv_xp_max_level 99 //Stop rewarding XP at this level
set sv_xp_cap_at_level 0 //Truncates rewards if the reward raises to a new level
set sv_xp_allow_level_loss 0 //Allow an XP penalty to lower the targets level
set sv_xp_adjust_by_level 0.0 //Formula:  reward += reward * adjust_by_level * (target_level - killer_level)

set sv_xp_build 0.00150 //XP for building
set sv_xp_repair 0.0 //XP for repairing
set sv_xp_mine 0.02 //XP for mining
set sv_xp_kill_npc 0.4 //XP for killing npc (value is multiplied by npc's level) 
set sv_xp_kill_worker 2 //XP for killing worker
set sv_xp_kill_player 10 //XP for killing player unit
set sv_xp_kill_siege 20 //XP for killing siege unit
set sv_xp_kill_item 0 //XP for destroying enemy item
set sv_xp_structure_damage 0.00667 //XP for hitting enemy building
set sv_xp_raze 50 //XP for last hit on enemy building
set sv_xp_heal_player 0.0333 //XP for healing friendly unit
set sv_xp_revive_player 5 //XP for ressurecting friendly unit
set sv_reviveMoneyReward 1000 //Gold reward for ressurecting friendly unit
set sv_xp_honor 8 //XP for honor reward (3 kills in a row)
set sv_xp_skill 16 //XP for skill reward (5 kills in a row)
set sv_xp_hero 24 //XP for hero reward (10 kills in a row)
set sv_xp_legend 32 //XP for legend reward (15 kills in a row)
set sv_xp_survival 1 //XP for living through the survival interval 
set sv_xp_survival_interval 10000 //Survival time period (msec) between receiving survival points

set sv_xp_commander_order_interval 5000 //how often to award order_given and order_followed
set sv_xp_commander_order_given 1 //XP given if at least 1 order was given during the last time interval
set sv_xp_commander_order_followed 1 //XP given if at least 1 order was obeyed during the last time interval
set sv_xp_commander_gather 0.001 //XP per resource gathered
set sv_xp_commander_powerup_given 5 //XP for buffing a player
set sv_xp_commander_structure 20 //XP for building a structure
set sv_xp_commander_research 10 //XP for researching an items/weapon/unit
set sv_xp_commander_raze 50 //XP for destroying an enemy building
set sv_xp_commander_demolish -20 //XP for demolishing a friendly building
set sv_xp_commander_request_ignore -1 //XP per player request ignored

set p_specspeed 1.0 //Spectator mode speed factor
set p_freeflyAccel 10 //Spectator mode acceleration factor
set p_speed 2.8 //Speed factor (player mode)
set p_gravity 1.0 //Gravity factor (downward acceleration force)
set p_groundfriction 10 //Ground friction factor
set p_aircontrol 1.5 //Air friction factor
set p_sprintBurst 0 //0 = sprint speed is fixed, 1 = sprint speed is boosted by remaining stamina (factor is: 1 + % of stamina)
set p_sprintSpeed 1.4 //Sprint speed factor
set p_stepheight 1.0 //Step height factor
set p_jumpheight 1.0 //Jumping height factor
set p_jumpStaminaCost 500 //Stamina cost per jump
set p_dodgestaminacost 1600 //Stamina cost per beast leap
set p_staminaDepleteSpeed 1.5 //Rate at which stamina depletes when sprinting
set p_sprintregenslow 0.2 //Stamina regen factor when remaining stamina < p_sprintDeadZone
set p_sprintRegenFast 0.6 //Stamina regen factor when remaining stamina > p_sprintDeadZone
set p_sprintDeadZone 1000 //Slow stamina regen threshhold
set p_sprintRegainDelay 200 //Delay (msec) before stamina regenarates after sprinting
set p_sprintRegainLandDelay 200 //Delay (msec) before stamina regenarates after a jump or leap
set p_maxBlockTime 600 //Maximum time (msec) a player can block
set p_blockSpeed 0.0 //Speed factor when blocking
set p_slowWeaponAttack 0 //Allow reduced movements speed when player is attacking with a weapon
set p_attackingSpeed 0.8 //Speed factor when attacking (see above)
set p_minslope 0.7 //Minimum slope of unreachable ground
set p_fallingDamage 0 //Allow fall damage
set p_minfallDamage 25 //Minimum fall damage threshhold
set sv_maxpush 800 //Maximum push force (from high damage or explosions)
set p_leapUphill 1 //Allow Ex2 style up-hill leaps
set p_leapUphillTime 150 //Time in (msec) during which air control is applied when leaping uphill
set p_pushRange 30 //Dynamic objects, max distance for pushing object
set p_pushForce 25 //Dynamic objects, force of push against object
set p_grabRange 30 //Dynamic objects, max distance for grabbing object
set p_throwForce 90 //Dynamic objects, force of throw on grabbed object
set p_shimmyBuilding 0 //Allow building shimmying exploit (using FWD key on/off when stuck allows climbing building)
set p_shimmyTerrain 1 //Allow terrain shimmying exploit (using FWD key on/off when stuck allows climbing terrain)
set p_steepSlopeDecel 0.1 //Set deceleration rate to counter steep slopes exploit (speed is multiplied by this value each frame)

set p_damageCameraThrowThreshold 15 //Damage threshold before camera throw effect
set p_damageCameraThrowAngleMult 0.3 //Throw amplitude is damage x this value (degs)
set p_damageCameraThrowAngleMax 35 //Maximum throw amplitude (degs)
set p_damageCameraThrowTimeMult 0.2 //Throw duration is damage x this value (msec)
set p_damageCameraThrowTimeMax 5 //Maximum throw duration (msec)
set p_damageCameraThrowOnlyUp 1 //Apply camera throw only in vertical direction
set sv_quakeMultiplyer 3.5 //Quake effect multiplier (when receiving radius damage)

set sv_teamDamage 0 //Allow team damage (global switch, damage only applied to clients)
set sv_teamMeleeDamage 1 //Allow team damage from melee weapons
set sv_teamWeaponDamage 1 //Allow team damage from ranged weapons
set sv_teamSiegeDamage 1 //Allow team damage from siege weapons
set sv_teamBuildingDamage 0 //Allow team damage from building weapons
set sv_teamItemDamage 0 //Allow team damage from item weapons
set sv_teamDamagePercent 50 //Percentage of damage inflicted to team (compared with enemy)

set sv_skillCapEnabled 0 //Allow skill capping system (for noob servers)
set sv_skillCheckFrequency 60000 //Check time (msec) (Warning frequency is half of this amount)
set sv_skillKickPros 0 //0: Move pros to spectate, 1: Kick pros
set sv_skillProbationTime 300000 //Time (msec) player is forced to spectate (if sv_skillKickPros is 0)
set sv_xppmWarningLevel 70 //XP per minute threshhold before Warning 
set sv_xppmTriggerLevel 85 //XP per minute threshhold before Probation/Kick
set sv_kpmWarningLevel 1.45 //Kills per minute threshhold before Warning 
set sv_kpmTriggerLevel 1.7 //Kills per minute threshhold before Probation/Kick

set sv_vetnerf_enable 0 //0 = nerf mode disabled, 1 = nerf mode enabled
set sv_vetnerf_minkills 10 //Mininum kills before nerfing is applied to a client
set sv_vetnerf_kpdmin 1.5 //Kill-per-death ratio at which nerfing starts
set sv_vetnerf_kpdmax 4.0 //Kill-per-death ratio at which nerfing is maximum
set sv_vetnerf_fullHealthMult 0.6 //Max amount of nerfing on health
set sv_vetnerf_maxStaminaMult 0.6 //Max amount of nerfing on stamina
set sv_vetnerf_blockPowerMult 0.6 //Max amount of nerfing on block power
set sv_vetnerf_meleeRangeMult 0.8 //Max amount of nerfing on melee range
set sv_vetnerf_unitPierceMult 0.6 //Max amount of nerfing on unit pierce
set sv_vetnerf_killsnoreloc 5 //If client killed more players than this value since he last respawned, then he cannot use relocs until he gets killed.

// BOTS:
set sv_botEnable 0 //0 = disabled, 1 = fixed mode (sv_botTeam1 bots added to Team1...), 2 = topup mode (bots added if there are less than sv_botTeam1 players in Team1...)
set sv_botTeam1 4 //Target number of Bots in Team 1
set sv_botTeam2 4 //Target number of Bots in Team 2
set sv_botTeam3 4 //Target number of Bots in Team 3
set sv_botTeam4 4 //Target number of Bots in Team 4

set sv_botAutoSpawn 1 //Allow Bots to spawn automatically
set sv_botAutoEquip 1 //Allow Bots to purchase units/weapons/items automatically
set sv_botAutoGoals 1 //Allow Bots to automatically decide their next action when idle
set sv_botAutoGoodie 1 //Allow Bots to collect goodie nags automatically

set sv_botCheckGoalFreq 1500 //Frequency (msec) at which Bots reassess their current Goal
set sv_botCheckEnemyFreq 500 //Frequency (msec) at which Bots look for ennemy objects
set sv_botCheckEnemyRange 1000 //Maximum range where Bots look for ennemy objects
set sv_botCheckGoodieRange 200 //Maximum range where Bots look for goodie bags
set sv_botCheckCritterGold 7500 //Money threshhold above which Bots stop farming npcs
set sv_botCheckCritterRange 500 //Maximum range where Bots look for npcs to farm
set sv_botCheckConstructRange 500 //Maximum range where Bots look for buildings under construction
set sv_botCheckRepairRange 500 //Maximum range where Bots look for buildings to repair

set sv_botCheckDodgeFreq 500 //Frequency (msec) at which Bots decide whether to walk sideways
set sv_botCheckDodgeChance 0.2 //Percentage chance that a Bot decides to walk sideway (value:0-1) (does not apply when fighting other clients)
set sv_botCheckDodgeRangeMin 150 //When fighting another client, Bots dodge continuously if they are further from target than this value
set sv_botCheckDodgeRangeMax 900 //When fighting another client, Bots dodge continuously if they are closer from target than this value

set sv_botWeaponRangeMin 100 //Min. distance from target before switching to melee weapon
set sv_botWeaponAccuracyAng 6 //Angular accuracy (degs) of ranged weapon shots (the lower the more accurate)
set sv_botHumanDisruptorDist 550 // Min. Distance to Enemy Building before using Disruptor
set sv_botHumanDisruptorDelay 2500 // Delay (msec) before bot starts moving again after throwing Disruptor
set sv_botHumanDemoPackDist 40 //Min. Distance to Enemy Building before using Demolition Pack
set sv_botBeastProtectDist 600 //Min. Distance to Enemy Building before using Protect
set sv_botBeastSacrificeDist 1000 //Min. Distance to Enemy Building before using Sacrifice

set serverdemos_recordserver 0 //Record SSD's on this server? (serverdemos_replayserver must = 0)
set serverdemos_replayserver 0 //Replay SSD's on this server? (serverdemos_recordserver must = 0)
set serverdemos_replayauto 1 //Automatically play another demo when the current is finished?
set serverdemos_savedir "serverdemos/saved/" //Save folder for SSD's
set serverdemos_dir "serverdemos/" //Replay folder for SSD's
set sv_allowrecordvotes 0 //Allow save SSD votes?  
set sv_allowreplayvotes 0 //Allow SSD replay votes
set sv_allowlistdemos 0 //Allow demo listing

// DUEL:
set sv_dueluseglobal 1 //Can spectators use the global chat?
set sv_duelrefuseglobal 1 //Same as above but for referees
set sv_duelwaypoints 1 //Gives a waypoint to a person being challenged